Twitter has opened up amazing opportunity in my life – it helps grow my personal brand, drives traffic to my online businesses and on a daily basis opens up new relationships and networks that I could never have dreamed of having access to.

My name is Darren Rowse and I’m the guy behind ProBlogger and Digital Photography School – two blogs from which I make a living online. Both blogs have twitter accounts attached to them – @problogger and @digitalps.

When I first heard of Twitter and saw everyone jumping on the bandwagon I registered the @problogger account but was very skeptical of the medium. I couldn’t see it ever making much sense for me to participate. Oh how wrong I was!

After looking down my nose at Twitter for a year I decided I’d be in a much better position to critique it if I had used it – so I started to ‘Tweet’ in 2007. Doing so changed my life in a way that was a complete surprise to me.

TwiTip is about capturing some of the lessons that I and others have been learning about Twitter and how to use it more effectively. It will cover Twitter Tips of all varieties including Writing for Twitter, Branding, Growing a Following, Corporate Tweeting and a lot more.

If you’d like to improve your use of Twitter and learn with me I’d love to have you as a TwiTip subscriber and to connect with you on Twitter itself through my @problogger Twitter Account.