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Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of a variety of blogs including TwiTip, ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School.

What Twitter Tools and Services Do You Use?

Over the last year there seems to have been a tool or service released for Twitter users every few days. There are:

  • Twitter desktop clients (I’m a fan of Twhirl and TweetDeck)
  • Twitter Applications for iPhone (I’m a user of Twittelator Pro)
  • Twitter user ranking services (like Twitterholic)
  • Visualization tools (like TweetWheel)
  • Tools to import RSS feeds to your Twitter account (I use Twitterfeed)
  • Tools for setting tweets to go off later (Tweetlater)
  • Metrics tool (TweetStatsTwinfluence)
  • Tools for sharing pictures on Twitter (Twitpic)
  • Services to tweet to groups (GroupTweet)
  • Twitter Directories (Twellow)
  • Tools for finding new people to follow (Twubble)
  • Tools for helping you to track Twitter Conversations (Tweet2Tweet)
  • Trend Tracking tools for what’s hot on Twitter (Twitscoop)
  • Tools to help Twitter integrate with other applications (TwitterCal – which lets you add items to your Google calandar by Twitter)
  • Services for groups to tag and organize tweets (HashTags)
  • Twitter updaters ( – which allows you to update status on multiple sites like Twitter)
  • Twitter backup services (TweetTake)
  • Services to let you track which links people are clicking on in your Tweets (TweetBurner)

These are just some of the tools services I’ve used in the last few weeks and they only scratch the surface at the hundreds of Twitter tools that are released.

What Twitter Tools and Services do you use? Leave the ones you love in comments below.

I’m looking forward to finding out which ones get mentioned most and finding some new ones that I’d not previously discovered.

How to Make Twitter Less Like Listening to One Side of a Phone Call for Your Followers

Have you ever felt excluded by someone talking on the phone in your presence?

Image by lecercle

We’ve all been there. Out with a friend at a cafe having a good time when their phone rings.

They answer it and proceed to talk to the other person in front of you (usually quite loudly) for the next 10 minutes. You kind of get what they’re talking about – but because you’re only getting half the conversation it quickly becomes annoying.

You feel left out! You feel ignored! You feel like ripping the phone from their hand and showing it down their throat!

Or is that just me???

Twitter can be like that. While it’s a great tool for conversation – at times it can also become a little excluding to some of your followers, if you let it be.

Here is a quick Twitter tip that I think could help a lot of people become more effective, inclusive and engaging users of Twitter.


Welcome to TwiTip

Lately I’ve been discovering the power of Twitter in new and fresh ways (at least they are new and fresh to me).

I write about much of what I’m learning on ProBlogger but I think if I wrote everything that I wanted to write about Twitter over there it’d probably put a few of my readers off – after all ProBlogger is a blog about blogging.

So – I’ve decided to start TwiTip – a place where I can focus upon Twitter without worrying (too much) about coming off as obsessed!

Want to learn more? I’ve shared a few more thoughts on my story and what I want to achieve with TwitTip on my About TwitTip page.

Other than that – you know as much as I do. Keep in mind that this blog is all very new. I’m using the Thesis theme (which is amazing – but which will take me a while to get just right) and still doing lots of ‘tweaking’. It’ll probably also take me a few weeks to get into full swing of publishing. I’m not intending this to be a daily publishing blog (at least not in the short term) – so subscribe to my feed but don’t expect to be inundated with new posts multiple times a day!