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What to Do When You Lose Followers

YesterdayI saw the tweet of someone on Twitter telling another person that they’d decided to stop following me. His tweet was a little cutting and included the question (about me) ‘is anyone more tedious?


As someone who works hard at this social media and blogging game (and who makes a living from it) comments from others along these lines (and this one was tame in comparison to many I see) can be a little disillusioning.

So what’s a Twitter user (or blogger) to do when they lose a Twitter follower (or reader)?

note: I’m not suggesting that you do this with every follower that you lose – just those who do so in a public way. You could spend your whole life interacting with those who choose to stop following you!

1. Acknowledge the Persons Decision and Ask for Constructive Feedback

The first thing that I always try to do (and it can take some self control when people leave an an attacking way) is to respond to the person in some way to firstly acknowledge that you’ve seen what they’ve said, to farewell them from your network and to ask for feedback.

Usually I would try to do this in the medium that the person has made their public comment. So in the example above I responded with a public tweet – “sorry to lose you – happy to take some constructive feedback if you’d like to give it”

Responding in this way does a number of things:


Must Follows on Twitter – Physicians, Triathletes and Horse People

Here are three more lists of people to follow on Twitter on the topics of Physicians, Triathletes and Horses. Got a topic you want to develop a ‘Must Follow List’ for? Leave it in the comments of this post.

Top Physicians on Twitter (by @sandnsurf and @DrCris):

@jamesonbull suggests top triathletes/cyclists/endurance athletes on twitter:

@vcarson suggests the following horse focused accounts to follow in Twitter:

Twitter Landing Pages

We’ve mentioned the idea of creating Twitter Landing pages previously here at TwiTip but I wanted to write a little more on the topic – particularly for bloggers wanting to use the idea to hook people into their blogs.

As a result I’ve written up a post on ProBlogger – Develop a Twitter Landing Page. I hope you find it helpful.

8 Ways that Twitter Can Grow Your Freelance Business

Are you a Freelancer? Today Jenny Cromie, editor of The Golden Pencil, (follow her at @JennyCromie) talks about how Twitter can help grow a Freelance Business.


When I first read about Twitter in a Wired magazine article a little more than a year ago, I thought: What a waste of cyberspace! Why on earth would anyone waste their time trading banal “news” items like: Wearing pink slippers and eating a PBJ. Or, Cleaned toilet. Now for the sink.

Even productivity guru Tim Ferriss called Twitter “pointless e-mail on steroids.” At the time, I couldn’t have agreed more.

But what a difference a year makes! Like me, Tim Ferriss has now joined Twitterville. Of course, he follows no one and has about 10,720 followers. But that’s beside the point.

What I’m trying to say is that if you’re not orbiting in the Twitterverse, you might as well be living on Mars.

Everyone is all atwitter about Twitter now. It’s the THING. It’s the new pet rock of the worldwide cyber village. But I also don’t think it’s a fad. Twitter and other social networking tools are changing the way companies and individuals do business, get information, and communicate.

And the Twitterverse is getting more crowded by the day because late-adopter dolts like me finally get it. We’re all doing the “I-coulda-had-a-V8” head thump: Duh! Twitter is great for growing your business.

If you own a business of any size and you’re still not Twittering, you’re missing out on what amounts to a worldwide virtual chamber of commerce networking event that’s at your fingertips 24/7. Only on Twitter, you don’t press flesh or swap business cards—you exchange links to your Web site, blog, e-books, and online résumé. And you build relationships 140 characters at a time.

Still not convinced that Twitter can help your freelance business? Maybe my list will change your mind. As a business tool, Twitter can help you:


Top Ten Must Follows on Twitter – Cigar Buffs, Political Followers and Educators

Everyday we’re seeing new top ‘Top 10 Must Follow’ lists submitted to our challenge to create lists for different industries. Today I wanted to highlight three more – these one focus upon the niches of ‘cigars’, ‘politics’ and ‘education’.

I hope you enjoy them and find some interesting new Twitter users to follow. Keep in mind that these are constructed by individuals with their own preferences – you’re more than welcome to make up and submit your own Top 10s.

If you are interested in Cigars @waltw has suggested these Ten People all Cigar Smokers should follow on Twitter.

  1. @jcruz
  2. @brianhewitt
  3. @cigarjack
  4. @cigarinspector
  5. @shrtcrt
  6. @famous_hayward
  7. @mountchuck
  8. @tomscigars
  9. @bradinbuffalo
  10. @boofa75

Top 10 Political Twitter Users according to @infidelsarecool

  1. Instapundit
  2. Wall Street Journal
  3. Hotair
  4. Infidels Are Cool
  5. EyeBlast TV
  6. Heritage Foundation
  7. Flopping Aces
  8. All American Blogger
  9. Dr. Melissa Clouthier
  10. Jon Henke

If you’re into Education @angelamaiers suggests these 10 educators to follow on Twitter.

  1. @hrheingold
  2. @couros
  3. @shareski
  4. @coolcatteacher
  5. @suewaters
  6. @teach42
  7. @paulawhite
  8. @willrich45
  9. @kjarrett  
  10. @angelastockman

Don’t agree with a list? Great! Add your own to our Top 10 Must Follow List Challenge here.

5 Twitter Applications and Tools that Made Me a Better Twitter User in 2008

Which Twitter Applications have you valued the most in 2008?

Here’s a quick list of 5 that have enhanced my own use of Twitter this year and why:

1. TweetDeck

tweetdeck.pngTweetDeck has become my primary Desktop Twitter client over the last 6 months of the year and has quite literally changed the way that I Tweet on a number of levels.

One of the biggest impacts that it has had is in the way that it builds ‘groups’ into my twitter workflow. This has helped me immensely to manage the noise that is associated with following and being followed by thousands of people.

Groups enable you to select any number of Twitter users to follow in a special window. This means that if you miss their twees in the ‘all tweets’ timeline you are likely to see their tweets in the group you’ve set up.

Also powerful in TweetDeck is the ‘Search’ feature which enables you to track keywords and who is using them right from within your Twitter Client.



10 Twitter Agendas – What’s Yours?

What’s Your Twitter Agenda? In this post Snow (follow her @snowvandemore) from el vigilante shares 10 Twitter agendas.


I imagine there are written guidelines somewhere on how to conduct yourself on Twitter, but I haven’t read them and I don’t intend to. I’ve always believed in learning by doing and my first few weeks on Twitter have been an eye-opener. My conclusion — it’s all about agendas.

Fortunately, recognizing someone’s particular Twitter agenda is not that difficult. Just go back through their tweet history and a common thread will likely emerge.

Here are some examples of Twitter modus operandi I’ve witnessed so far:

1. Blog vomit

Twitterfeed will post your blog rss feeds to Twitter automatically and there are Twitter members that use the site purely for that reason. Personally, I see nothing wrong with that, but if you don’t invest some effort in following and conversing with like-minded Twitter members, you might as well be broadcasting to Mars, because no one will notice you.

2. It sucks to be you

I could spend all day watching these people’s tweets. The Buffies and Biffs can’t wait to let you know which expensive wine they just drank, the $1000 suit that had to be returned because it wasn’t up to snuff, and mentioning as many SEO Internet moguls as possible in their tweets, in the unlikely event some of the twinkle will magically rub off on them by osmosis.


What Did You Learn About Twitter in 2008?

We’re coming to the end of the year and I know that for many of us Twitter was one of our most used and important online tools.

I started using it in earnest about 12 months ago and have learned so much (I’ll write a post on it in the coming week) but thought I’d open up the question to readers

  • What did you learn about Twitter in 2008?
  • What discoveries did you make?
  • What new ways did you discover to use Twitter?
  • What mistakes did you learn?
  • Where did you see Twitter used in an innovative way?

I’m looking forward to your answers!

What’s in it for Your Followers? How to be Useful on Twitter

Have you ever stopped to ponder what value you are creating for your followers on Twitter?

I’ve written numerous times about the benefits of Twitter to me – what I get out of it – but perhaps a more pertinent question for Twitter users to be asking is not what THEY get OUT of Twitter – but what THEY put INTO Twitter.

Don’t get me wrong – Twitter is a medium which can significantly benefit YOU and enhance your life in many ways – however when you talk to most successful Twitter users you find that they’ve discovered one thing:

Twitter becomes more beneficial to you when you give value to others.

I’ve seen this to be true many times in my own 1 year journey with Twitter. The more you put in, the more helpful you are, the more value you bring, the more effort you put in to enhancing the lives of others – the more comes back to you.


Top Ten Must Follows – Writers, GTD/Productivity and Moms

With millions of Twitter users out there – it can at times be challenging to find those in your niche and with shared interests. So last weekend I challenged readers of TwiTip to come up with their own ‘Top 10 Twitter Users’ in different topics.

What followed was quite extraordinary with 147 people submitting their own lists – each on different topics. I actually was quite inspired by the variety of topics mentioned as I watched the lists come in over the last week.

There are topics being written about that I didn’t even imagine that there would be present on Twitter (although I should have).

Over the coming weeks I’m going to feature some of these ‘Top 10 Lists’. I’m doing it in the hope that it’ll highlight the variety of what Twitter is being used for, in the hope that it’ll help people to find others with common interests and to hopefully give you all a little inspiration to come up with your own Top 10 list for a topic that you are passionate about (submit it in the comments on this post).

Here are just 3 of the lists submitted so far.

10 Must Follows on Twitter for Writers

@mikecane submitted these people all writers should Follow:

10 GTD Productivity Twitter Users

@edragonu suggested 10 people and services to follow on twitter for those interested in GTD (getting things done) or productivity

10 Women/Mom Bloggers who Twitter

@sarahsingforhim suggested 10 Twitter users in the Women/Mom blogging world to follow

Of course these kinds of lists can be debated on and one – but if you’re not in complete agreement with them – feel free to come up with your own and submit it here.