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How to Squeeze Every Last Drop of SEO Juice from Your Twitter Page

By Sherice Jacob – web designer, copywriter and author of Get Niche Quick! Follow her @sherice

Did you know that your Twitter tweets are ripe with search engine juice that you can put to use to get more marketing exposure? Of course, links you post on Twitter, including links in your bio, are automatically no-follow, meaning the search engines will follow them, but “link juice” (like Google PageRank) isn’t carried over.

That doesn’t mean the party’s over for optimizing your Twitter page though. Search engines do index Twitter tweets (through “statuses” – which look like this). So how can you help ratchet your tweets up into search engine results as well as increase your number of followers? (more…)

14 Ways To Fight Twitter Burnout

By Karl Staib of Work Happy Now! Follow him @workhappynow.

Twitter only allows 140 characters. There is an infinite amount of things you can say, but only so many ideas to pull from. It’s hard to keep people entertained with your tweets.

The best way to keep from burning out and giving up is to have a brilliant plan that will allow you to reach your goals and meet amazing people.

1. Stay Creative

Tweeting looks so easy, but we all know it’s not. There is a lot of thought that goes into each tweet. Penelope Trunk of Brazen Careerist (@penelopetrunk) has each tweet reviewed by an editor before she sends it out. Well that’s what she told us.

You need to find new ways to get onto other tweeters’ radars. Don’t be afraid to switch around words. Tweeting is an art and sometimes you need to stand out by being different. Don’t be afraid to disagree. Don’t do this too often, but every now and again you can spur on an exciting conversation.

It’s the routine that kills the most tweeters. All they do is link back to their blog and they wonder why they aren’t meeting cool people and having fun connecting with other tweeters. (more…)

Tweet Your Way to Press Row

By Peter Robert Casey – Follow him @Peter_R_Casey

view-from-press-rowI’ll be frank. I never intended to leverage my personal Twitter account as a passport to sit courtside at Carnesecca Arena or Madison Square Garden with media credentials. It just happened that way.

Thanks to St. John’s University and the progressive vision of Associate AD, Mark Fratto, your Twitter feed can now be considered a legitimate media outlet for covering college basketball, or any sport for that matter.

This is only the beginning.

Since St. John’s validated Twitter in early August, I’ve corresponded with the executive team of a reputable Division I Conference, multiple NBA team properties, and the NBA League Office.

And guess what? They all embrace our favorite microblogging platform, too. Moreover, their peers across all sports, conferences, divisions, and levels are not far behind. My situation may have been undesigned, but press row Twitter access is now open for discussion.

Here’s how you can position yourself for an opportunity: (more…)

Who to Follow, and Not to Follow, on Twitter – That is the Question

by LisaMarieDias – follow her @LisaMarieDias

During my introductory class on the basics of Twitter, almost every client asks me, “How do I get followers?”  I try to explain that the question really should be “Who should I follow?”  While your followers ARE key to the success of your Twitter efforts, the difference between reaching out to follow those that are of interest to you and gathering followers just to increase your number of followers is important. On Twitter, as in most of life, quality is more important than quantity. Having thousands of followers, if they are only interested in broadcasting their SPAM, is really of no value to you.  And it will give you the mistaken impression that Twitter is only full of SPAMMERs.  If you focus on offering valuable information and search for those that are sharing information of interest to you, you will find the Twitterverse a useful and positive place to learn, grow your sphere of influence and find real business leads.

Keep in mind; even if you don’t have a fleet of followers, by tweeting, you are sending info out into the larger worldwide web. Searches, by you or by others, are of the entire live Twitter feed, not just of your tribe.  If you are tweeting about travel and someone is searching on a keyword you use, they will find you, whether they are a follower of yours or not.  And if they contact you, be sure to follow them – that will be a valuable connection! (more…)

3 Reasons Twitter Is Not A Fad

by Chris Allison (@neboweb) Social Media Strategist at NeboWeb.

twitterI’ll cut to the chase. Twitter isn’t a fad. It’s not going away. Let me tell you why:

They Have Industry Recognition

Industry giants can be intimidating for any new business, especially on the web. Since Twitter’s inception, we’ve seen multiple companies make offers to acquire the young service, and we’ve seen multiple companies get turned down. A lot of people were thinking, “Hey, why didn’t they take the money and run?” I know I was. But, it seems the folks at Twitter had bigger and better things on their mind. (more…)

Turn Twitter Friends into Real Friends

By Matt Wilson. Follow him @MattWilsonTV.

2552901751_84ecdef805_bWe all have them—”social media friends”—people who we talk to online but most likely have never met in person. We connected with them because of a common interest via Twitter, engaged in interesting conversation with them and shared a bond, but we don’t really consider them a true friend.

Truly using Twitter to its fullest potential means networking not just for casual online interaction but actually creating long lasting relationships. Real friends will shout from the rooftops to promote your brand, real friends collaborate, work together and would do anything for each other. Let’s start making these Twitter friends into your own global network of people who have a vested interest in each other’s success. Besides, what good are your friends if you don’t really know them?

But don’t be a creep! (more…)

10 Better Ways To Use TwitPic

By Kalvin “Dr. Kal” Chinyere, M.D. of Dr. Kal’s Weight Loss Tips. Follow him @DrKal.

Better Ways TwitPicTwitPic is an excellent application that further boosts Twitter’s usefulness. However, so many people use TwitPic incorrectly. Tweeters use TwitPic to tweet pictures of their children at Disney World or pictures of their grandmother at her 100th Birthday Party. C’mon! Your kids are not that cute, and your grandmother??? I don’t even want to see a picture of Halle Berry when she’s 100 years old.

Using TwitPic as if it were Flickr is similar to using your iPhone as if it were an iPod. You are missing out on all of its capabilities.

Below are 10 ways to use TwitPic to improve the quality of your life and the lives of those around you. (more…)

Get a Matching Twitter Brand

By Firas Steitiyeh – Follow him @steitiyeh

It’s known that a brand for a product is like reputation for a human being. There are so many articles, books and people that talk about branding and how it is done properly. A lot of bloggers out there, who are most probably new, just do not care about their Twitter page and how it looks. Considering that you have got a proper brand and theme for your blog (or product) now you need to have a Twitter branded page that matches your current brand. (more…)

Get More Mileage Out of Your Blog Archives with Twitter Teasers

By Laura Christianson – Follow her @BloggingBistro

As I skimmed my Twitter stream, only three tweets enticed me to click through to the blog post:

Twitter Teasers 1 - Three tweets

All three of these tweets are brief, unusual, punchy, and they feature strong nouns: vampire, bacon beer, Krazy Glue.

Entertaining teasers seem to be in short supply on Twitter. Normally, my Twitter stream brims with two main types of teasers:

Steroidal: Boost your sales 500% in 1 week!

Put-you-to-sleep: Read my blog post about my book tour

We can do better than that, people! (more…)

Tweepi – Twitter Follow Management With Stats

By Alok Saboo – Follow @truvoip

Twitter is a great platform bringing together millions of people for you to interact. The challenge, however, is to identify the subset of this twitterverse that is relevant for you. The value that you can derive from Twitter is a function of the quality of people that you interact with. Today, I will present a great tool – Tweepi – that makes the onerous task of finding and following quality people a cakewalk.

Tweepi LogoTweepi presents a geekier, faster way to manage your Twitter experience. It currently has four tools and hopefully we will more in the future.

Geeky Follow: Before you can prune your friend list, you need to build your friend list. Geeky Follow enables you to follow active tweeples who share the same interests are you. Just identify popular tweeple in your domain and selectively add people that are following them. The underlying idea is simple, people following users that you idolize share similar interests as yours. For example, if you are interested in technology related tweeps, you may want to follow users following @mashable or @techcrunch. (more…)