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How to grow your follower numbers on Twitter

Now Accepting Applications for Human Followers

A couple of weeks ago, I tweeted the message “Now accepting applications for actual human followers. No bots please.” I was half-joking, but had several people reply with “I know what you mean!” Apparently I wasn’t the only one with a an army of robots following me.

I’ve had a Twitter account for a while now, but didn’t actively start using it until this summer. I was coming out with a new website for photographers and thought Twitter would be a good way to spread the word, get feedback and generally interact with the photography community. (more…)

The Pointless Chase of Follow/Unfollow

Regardless of how you use Twitter, there’s one thing you don’t need to worry about half as much as many people do.

I’m talking about mutual/reciprocal following.
When I started using Twunfollow to see who was unfollowing me, I was shocked by one single thing. Not the number of people unfollowing me, not a load of people who I thought of as great contacts, not anything negative at all.

The one thing that surprised me was the number of users who would follow me and unfollow me within a day or two. If I didn’t instantly follow back, I was swept aside. The user didn’t want genuine engagement, they simply wanted me to follow back. The initial follow was simply so another user would reciprocate and add to their following tally.

Most users using an aggressive follow/unfollow technique consist of:

  • spam accounts;
  • promotional accounts;
  • people/brands trying to push their ’social media expertise’;
  • users boasting how many followers they can get.

I don’t understand why anyone still sees value in obtaining so many pointless follows like this. Thousands of untargeted and unengaged followers don’t automatically bring you greater coverage or retweets.

Boasting the number of followers you have is no longer a big deal. A successful account is one that provides value and engagement. If you’re not making a genuine play, even your followers won’t help you out.

Yet people still pay for services that offer loads of followers when you cough up the cash. What’s the point?

If you must improve your follower numbers in an artificial way, here’s one method. Next time you’re followed by an account that’s chasing only the people who automatically follow back, check that user’s list of followers. All you need to do is try following all those users in the hope that they’ll follow you back too! That method costs nothing other than your time…good value, huh?

But it’s not good value, because most of those users won’t actually care about what you’ve got to say. It’s much better to have interested, relevant followers. Isn’t it?

Why 150 Followers Is All You Really Need

 When you first get on twitter, it’s likely the thing you care most about is how many followers you have. I’ve even been to parties where people will judge my status by the number of followers I have. It’s like walking up to somebody and asking them how much money they make. A year ago when I first got on twitter, I met a girl at a party who I asked me how many followers I had. At the time I didn’t really know how to use twitter, and I had roughly 100 followers. She then proceeded to tell me about a mass follow tool of some sort, so I went home and went crazy following people. I’ve never interacted with her on twitter, and I have no idea what happened to her. (more…)

Twitter Chats: A Goldmine of Traffic, Followers and Knowledge

For months after I started my blog I was in the “I think twitter is pointless” camp. I didn’t understand how to use it, I didn’t understand how to connect with people and I didn’t realize why it is not an option but a necessity for any blogger who is serious about growing his or her blog. In the last month however I discovered what I’m realizing is a twitter goldmine of targeted traffic, knowledge, and followers.


Traffic: One of the most amazing things about twitter chats is the fact that they generate new visitors to your blog. Not only you do get traffic, you get very targeted visitors who are interested in the content on your blog. In one of the recent chats I participated in, I noticed that it actually provided a great opportunity to share relevant content with the people in the chat. To add to that, since the content was highly relevant to the discussion that was going on, the post I wrote about How to write 5 Blog Posts in 2 hours ended up getting a ton of additional retweets.  (more…)

8 Tips on Guest Posting Your Way to Twitter Dominance

I’ll be honest: I’m a bad tweeter (or twitterer?). I’ve been on Twitter for about seven months, and I only have 680 followers. It’s been a struggle, mainly because I haven’t put much time into it as I should.

So recently I’ve resolved get better. I’ve RT’d my followers tweets, focused less of my tweets on my blog, and started building relationships. But I’ve discovered something crazy: guest posting rocks for twitter. To start the month of February, after over six months of twittering, I had 347 followers. As of today I have 680. In that time, I had two guest posts go up on Daily Blog Tips and Write to Done. After we published the guest post on Daily Blog Tips, we went from 400 followers to about 575 in one week. We gained nearly 20 followers a day. The next week, when we had a guest post on Write to Done, we added about 75 more. (more…)

The Best Way to Find Better People to Follow on Twitter

How many people do you follow on Twitter? 50? 100? 1000? More? I currently follow 85 people and let me tell you, it’s quite exhausting. Keeping up with everyone’s latest tweets sometimes feels like trying to treat patients in two hospitals located on opposite sides of a city. No one ever told me how stressful it would be when I signed up for Twitter.

Of these X number of people you follow, how many of them provide valuable content on a consistent basis? Are there people you follow so memorable and entertaining that you hit retweet before you even read their newest tweet? I know I have. (more…)

How I Will Add 1,000 Twitter Followers This Year

Most people on twitter want to increase the number of people that follow them.

I currently only have about 170 followers and so gaining 1,000 new followers may seem a little ambitious.

But I am up to the challenge!

Here’s my 10 point plan to get 1,000 new followers this year. (This works out to about 85 new followers per month.) (more…)

#followfriday Revolution

By Maija Haavisto, author of an upcoming Twitter book due out later this year (the first Twitter book in Finnish). Follow her@DiamonDie.


#followfriday is a great idea, at least on paper. You recommend your favorite tweeps for others to follow. It’s all about sharing, right?

In practice, it doesn’t really work like that. Most people just mindlessly flood long lists of Twitter usernames every Friday, forgetting that Twitter is a social media, not a broadcast media.

Twitter users have started skipping the recommendations just like they skip blatant marketing tweets. One Friday I received seven #followfriday mentions – and not a single new follower. (more…)

Did @PhilBaumann Just Save Follow Friday?

by Neal Wiser. Follow him @nealwiser

Could a solution to the FollowFriday conundrum finally be at hand? I’m not sure, but @PhilBaumann has a great idea.


If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you may have read my April post, Follow Friday, too Much of a Good Thing? In that post, I discussed some of the many Pros and Cons of #FollowFriday, especially why so many people are becoming disenchanted with the meme, and offered some recommendations that I feel would improve the FollowFriday experience. Unfortunately, while many people do seem to be making better recommendations recently, my personal FollowFriday experience still leaves me frustrated. (more…)

10 Ways To Create A Community Around Your Tweetup

By Jade Craven – Follow her @jadecraven.

I regularly attend tweetupmellers. At first I assumed that all tweetups and get togethers have the same sense of community, but I soon learnt that there was something different. I quickly learnt that this was due to the organizers efforts to ensure people felt like they were part of a larger community.

10 Ways To Create A Community Around Your Tweetup

1. Have a twitterwall

One of the great features of the last few tweetups has been the twitter wall. It is simply a search on Twitterfall which is then projected onto a screen in the back corner of The Social. It is a huge talking point and really added to the fun of the evening.

There were some people who tweeted simply to bump someone else’s name from the top. There were also times when the whole room went silent as there was a mass update of tweets. (more…)