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Tips on using Twitter for your business, be it small or large.

Twitter’s New Ad System REVEALED

Or, How Twitter Can Make $Billions and $Billions/Year from Ads Alone

For years, people have been offering their opinions on how Twitter should make money. Despite the fact that the company allegedly made $45 million in 2010 and its targeting $150 million this year, those numbers fall far short of the kind of revenues Twitter will need to justify it’s soon to be $8 Billion valuation.

While most industry watchers and armchair quarterbacks point to advertising as the answer, what’s been leaked, rumored, experimented with, experimented with again and announced thus far falls far short of the bold and innovative thinking that spawned Twitter in the first place. If history is any guide, most of those solutions will be viewed as intrusive (remember the Dickbar?), will fail because no one’s considering how users may react and/or will simply not generate enough revenue to satisfy Twitter’s investors anyway. (more…)

4 Ways a Virtual Assistant Can Help You Make the Most Out of Twitter

Twitter is an amazing tool for business – that’s why so many companies have set up their own accounts, and you should do the same. Whether you’re a total newbie or a well-versed tweep, it probably makes sense to get some help with handling your company’s Twitter account.

Sure, you can spend most of your day on Twitter and on other social media sites, but a lot of that time would be better spent worrying about other aspects of your business. Some big companies have employees focused on handling their social media, but if you’re a small or medium business owner, this is probably too much of a strain on your budget. (more…)

4 Reasons Why Twitter Should Buy TweetDeck

Last week, the blogosphere was on fire with reaction to a report by the Wall Street Journal that Twitter is in talks to buy TweetDeck for $50 Million (registration may be required to read the post). The news came as a bit of a surprise as TweetDeck was reported to have struck a deal with UberMedia to acquire the app for $30 Million back in February.

At the time, there was some confusion about the wisdom of the UberMedia deal. Twitter’s response to the announcement was to block UberMedia’s other recently acquired Twitter apps from accessing Twitter’s API. The move was widely viewed as both an overreaction and heavy-handed. Twitter’s justification was that the UberMedia apps had allegedly violated Twitter’s Terms of Service and many TweetDeck users were afraid that TweetDeck was going to be shut down next.

While TweetDeck was not affected by the blockage, a Twitter acquisition could have huge implications for both Twitter’s and TweetDeck’s users. Twitter, which used to be hailed as an example of innovation, has recently been criticized by many “power-users” for its lack of innovation. In comparison to TweetDeck, or other services such as Hootsuite, is embarrassingly low-frills and rarely introduces new features. (more…)

Twitter’s Black Friday Signals an Exit Strategy

Friday, March 11, 2011 was a black day in Twitter history.  On that day, Twitter announced that they don’t want anyone to make any more third-party Twitter clients. While Twitter didn’t say that there couldn’t be any more clients using the Twitter platform (some services would be grandfathered in and all would have to follow a strict code of conduct), but as far as Twitter’s massive eco-system of third-party developers are concerned, the announcement was essentially a cease and desist order.

I’ve previously written about Twitter’s behavior towards its third-party developers and the risks they’re taking if they focus only on developing Twitter-based tools (See Twitter Commits Suicide and Twipocalypse Now). The bottom line is that building a business that is entirely dependent on a single partner isn’t a safe model to follow. (more…)

Measuring Social Media Effectiveness & Engagement – On Your Own

Using social media effectively, specifically for business, is not merely a popularity game – at least not anymore. At first, that was how we (business owners, marketers, communicators, etc.) measured the effectiveness of our efforts on sites like Twitter, Facebook and the like.

These days are gone – or they should be. No more “spray and pray”. No more throwing information, media like photos and video out on the Web and *hoping* someone looks at it, like your target audience. (more…)

Mike Hossa

4 Twitter Tips for College Students Seeking A Career

So you’re a student in a college and you’ve picked up Twitter like everybody else in this social networking trend. However, Twitter is much different than Facebook or even LinkedIn. It’s more of a barbecue-type setting between professionals. Look, I didn’t believe it either, that was until I secured a very desirable internship in my field last summer because of Twitter. So how do you use Twitter to progress professionally? Simple, begin with these four basic steps, and expand accordingly. (more…)

How To Launch, Brand, and Engage A Luxury Twitter Profile

By now virtually every luxury brand realizes how important it is to establish a presence inside Twitter. The major problem is that too may luxury brands still don’t get how to engage to build brand awareness using Twitter. They either tend to only use Twitter for brand promotions or quit too soon to gain influence.

The most important concept to grasp about luxury is that it is a perception. What attracts ultra-rich consumers to buy is not associated with colossal prices as a deciding factor. In the world of luxury quality and experience are the highest characteristics for purchasing decisions. (more…)

Building Niche Twitter Empires – The Next Internet Rush

Now that Twitter has finally unveiled how they plan to make money, everyone should start rethinking how to also make money on Twitter. In the beginning all the buzz was about how to get followers and the approach was to get anyone with a pulse to start following you on Twitter.

I started out in the real estate profession and always loved the concept of building equity from property value. This is likely why I became interested in Twitter and influence of Tweet value. Not to mention the financial industry booms and busts totally shattered my real estate business model. (more…)

It’s OK to Have Multiple Twitter Accounts

One of the most important factors to being a good Twitter user is to be personable. This fact has sparked an argument that suggests personality lacks to those with more than one twitter profile. Why would you want more than one twitter profile and is this OK? Multiple profiles should be used to interact with multiple audiences, and yes, it’s OK. (more…)

Jump-Starting Your Company’s Twitter Account

I started a new business Twitter account and acquired 350 relevant followers in one month being relatively unknown and without spamming.

Most companies have joined Twitter by now but there are a few that have lagged behind. If you’re a part of this group (as my company was), it can be really intimidating to jump into the social media scene when your competitors already have established accounts with hundreds (or thousands) of followers. I used these techniques to jump my new account from 0 to 350 followers in one month, bypassing the awkward infancy period of a new Twitter account almost entirely. (more…)