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TweetDeck [Review]

tweet-deck-3.jpg In this post Kim Woodbridge from (Anti) Social Development reviews popular Twitter Client – TweetDeck. Follow Kim on Twitter @kwbridge

Tweetdeck is an Adobe Air desktop application used to access Twitter. Tweetdeck is available for the Windows and MAC operating systems. It is made of panes that allow you to take the enormous amount of information contained within Twitter and break it down into parts that are more easily managed.

Default Panes:

  • All Tweets – All the people that you are following.
  • Replies – All @ messages sent to your username
  • Direct Messages – All personal d messages sent to your username

More panes can be added by using Tweetdeck’s features, such as Groups, and can be rearranged by moving them to the left or the right.


181 Free Twitter Buttons, Badges, Widget and Counters to Help You Find Followers

One of the best ways to find new followers for your Twitter account is to leverage any other online profile that you might already have. If you have a website, blog or other social media account linking to your Twitter account is a great way to do this.

Doing it with an eye catching button, widget or counter can be even more effective. Of course there are some Official Twitter Badges available… but what if you want something a little different?

Below are some links to places where you can download 181 different free Twitter buttons, widgets, badges and counters to use on your site (actually there are over 181 when you consider the different sizes, colors, formats that are available on some of these options).

Randa Clay – Free Twitter Graphics

18 different Twitter buttons like this one.


Siah Design – Free Twitter Buttons

42 Twitter buttons – some of them animated



Links – How to Find Them and Share Them on Twitter

Today Grant Griffiths (@GrantGriffiths) from Blog for Profit writes about using Twitter to find links to read (and how to share links with others).


Like many who publish a blog or read blogs, twitter has become a part of the morning routine. We jump on twitter sometimes before we even open our email programs. What are people talking about and what are the hot conversations taking place is usually what we are looking for.

For me and others, twitter has become a major source of what we read throughout the day. I have actually discovered recently, not only do I go to twitter some days before I open my email program. Twitter is scrolled through before I open my RSS reader, NetNewsWire.

Collecting Links to Read on Twitter

Over the last few weeks, I have found a large chunk of what I read being provided by the links of those I am following on twitter. Many of those I follow tweet links to blog post or articles they are reading. And most are sending their own blog’s RSS feed to twitter.

Speed Tweeting [14 November 2008]


TwitterBerry [User Review]


This review of TwitterBerry was submitted by @cjharley from From My Point of View. If you’re a TwitterBerry user – please add your own user review in comments below.

Do you love Twitter? Of course you do! That’s why you’re here. And if you love Twitter and your BlackBerry as much as I do then you have got to get TwitterBerry. This application allows you to have access to your Twitter while on the go.

Installing the application is simple and only takes minutes. Once you’ve entered your username and password TwitterBerry pulls in all of your latest updates, including the ones from your friends. It looks just like your Twitter at home. Your avatar and your friends’ avatar come up on your BlackBerry screen which makes it easy to identify your friends.


Toro – A Twitter Tool User Review

Today I’d like to try a new type of post – one where we all ‘review’ a twitter tool at the one time. My hope is that our collective knowledge, experience and opinions will help us all get a fair and balanced opinion of the tools. I also hope that developers of these tools will benefit from our constructive feedback also.

The tool I’ve chosen for our first group review is a Twitter client called Toro .

Toro (it’s in beta) is described as ‘Toro is a Twitter client that is made to be simple. Toro is currently using an experimental Twitter client library that removes the Twitter API limit.’



Monitter – Real Time Keyword Monitoring of Twitter

There are a lot of great tools being suggested in the comments section of our recent Twitter tool post – but one that I’ve been checking out today is Monitter.

Monitter is a tracking tool for Twitter that enables you to enter multiple keywords that you want to monitor and then to watch any tweets that mention these words in real time.

Here’s how it looks with four words that I just plugged in (click to enlarge):



What Twitter Tools and Services Do You Use?

Over the last year there seems to have been a tool or service released for Twitter users every few days. There are:

  • Twitter desktop clients (I’m a fan of Twhirl and TweetDeck)
  • Twitter Applications for iPhone (I’m a user of Twittelator Pro)
  • Twitter user ranking services (like Twitterholic)
  • Visualization tools (like TweetWheel)
  • Tools to import RSS feeds to your Twitter account (I use Twitterfeed)
  • Tools for setting tweets to go off later (Tweetlater)
  • Metrics tool (TweetStatsTwinfluence)
  • Tools for sharing pictures on Twitter (Twitpic)
  • Services to tweet to groups (GroupTweet)
  • Twitter Directories (Twellow)
  • Tools for finding new people to follow (Twubble)
  • Tools for helping you to track Twitter Conversations (Tweet2Tweet)
  • Trend Tracking tools for what’s hot on Twitter (Twitscoop)
  • Tools to help Twitter integrate with other applications (TwitterCal – which lets you add items to your Google calandar by Twitter)
  • Services for groups to tag and organize tweets (HashTags)
  • Twitter updaters ( – which allows you to update status on multiple sites like Twitter)
  • Twitter backup services (TweetTake)
  • Services to let you track which links people are clicking on in your Tweets (TweetBurner)

These are just some of the tools services I’ve used in the last few weeks and they only scratch the surface at the hundreds of Twitter tools that are released.

What Twitter Tools and Services do you use? Leave the ones you love in comments below.

I’m looking forward to finding out which ones get mentioned most and finding some new ones that I’d not previously discovered.