Wet & Salty Tweets: The Ocean on Twitter

Tweeting about stuff that is happening in and around oceans and shorelines can be a challenge. The reason? How do I tweet about a threatened dolphin pod in Japan, a sea lion rookery in California, an exploding oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico, a fancy new marina in Dubai, a diving spot in the Philippines, or a a great surfing spot in Fiji? What is the URL of a place in or on the water? (more…)

It’s OK to Have Multiple Twitter Accounts

One of the most important factors to being a good Twitter user is to be personable. This fact has sparked an argument that suggests personality lacks to those with more than one twitter profile. Why would you want more than one twitter profile and is this OK? Multiple profiles should be used to interact with multiple audiences, and yes, it’s OK. (more…)

Never Go Out Without Your Twitter: Wear It!

As Twitter enthusiasts, we are very proud of our Twitter feeds.: They reflect our centers of interest as well as our opinions. So why not integrate your Twitter account to your clothes?

This is precisely what myTwittshirt is intended to: with this web service you can create custom t-shirts that embed a QR-code (similar to a bar code, used by smartphones and the like) pointing to your Twitter home page. Scanning the QR-code will redirect to the wearer’s Twitter account!

Will you wear your Twitter too?

How to Get More Retweet Action on Twitter

I’m sure you’d love to receive more retweets that you currently do. In fact, we all do, I’m the first to admit it. Why? Because more RTs means more traffic to your blog, to your videos and to whatever it is you want to share with others. Besides, more RTs also mean to get more exposure in other people’s stream so it would be easier to you to attract new followers. Well, today is your lucky day buddy because you’re going to read my best tips to get lots of Retweets.

  • Keep your tweets short and leave at least 25 characters with free space. ¿Why? In order to get RTs your tweet will need that free space to contain the RT and @username. Besides, short tweets get more RTs because they look nicer and cleaner than long ones and, above all, because lazy people don’t like to read too much, and the Internet and Twitter is plenty of lazy people :D . (more…)

Stream Twitter on TVs in real-time at events, concerts, presentations and more.

Have you ever been at a concert and wondered what the rest of the audience is thinking? Or been at a presentation and had a good point to add? Or at a nightclub and wanted to request a song but not deal with the security surrounding the DJ? Well, there’s a great way to do all this and more.

Connecting Twitter to TVs or projecting it on a screen at your events will add a whole new level of audience participation. Plus, you can grow your list of followers at every event. Creating a live Twitter feed to aggregate tweets sent to users, from users, or including keywords or hashtags can be quite a task.

You can run a real-time search using TweetDeck but it isn’t really optimized for screen and your audience will be squinting.

You can try to build your own Twitter feed widget but it’s a pretty daunting task involving JQuery, JavaScripting, CSS and HTML knowledge.

There’s an easier way. StreamTwitter is a little script designed for streaming tweets in real-time to any video source. Just open the script, change your search term, switch the graphics to be your own (optional) and connect your laptop to your video source. It’s optimized for TV screen resolution and looks amazing. It updates automatically with beautiful jQuery sliding effects. It can filter out bad words if desired. It is the easiest and best way to have a live Twitter feed streaming tweets including your desired search term at your events. It also comes with easy-to-follow instructions and 3 months of support if you have any questions.

If you’ve got experience with StreamTwitter, or any questions, please feel free to share in the comments!

Twitter Stalking via SMS

So you’ve always been able to “Twitter Stalk” someone by just going to their Twitter page (example: www.twitter.com/personyoustalk) but now there’s an easier way, via your cell phone.

Twitter’s launched this with the idea that you can get Twitter updates from your favorite companies, as many tend to tweet out offers that are only available to the Twitterati. However now you can utilize “Fast Follow” by texting “follow USERNAME” to 40404. You’ll then start receiving all of updates from that user via texts on your phone.

Personally, I do use the mobile interface for Twitter, but really only for DMs (direct messages). It’s kind of like text messaging to me that way. Not sure I’ll ever use “Fast Follow” but it’s nice that it’s so much more easily available to those of us without super computers for phones!

PS – Currently, “Fast Follow” is only available in the US, but they say they’re working on implementing it for other countries.

Twitter Unicode Hashtags

Twitter #hashtag in Hebrew

It as occurred to me that Twitter has no support for non-Latin hashtags. However some people use them anyway, so I wrote this Greasemonkey script that adds that support. It should work with any language, highlighting them and adding a search link.

I hope in the upcoming days also to add support for the ‘more’ button, making it an integral part of twitter usage. Download it here.

Measuring Twitter Sentiment – UpprDwnr

Over the past few months, the outcry for ways to measure public sentiment online has grown exponentially. As more and more companies scramble to take the reins, we realize that these products are not only incredibly expensive, but they are also very inaccurate.

I am co-creator of upprdwnr, a tool that measures public sentiment on twitter. Think of us as the first iteration of a Twitter “like” button. All users have to do is simply add an #uppr or #dwnr hastag to their tweets, and our site measures that with the rest of the world.

As others try to find the pixie dust to accurately measure what people are saying, we ask users to use the hashtags that makes their voice louder than ever.

Did Twitter Kill the Video Star?

Today’s post comes from Jenni Izzo, a Drexel University graduate turned Central Florida PR professional with a social media obsession. Follow her at @jenniizzo.

It appears that MTV’s attempt at reviving itself with a Twitter Jockey (an updated version of a VJ) has fallen short. After a month of Twitter-focused challenges to find the most appropriate individual for the job (measured by MTV’s own TweetLevel), the network announced the top five contestants in their “Follow Me: The Search for MTV’s First TJ” competition – and people are angry. (more…)

Top Tips for Your Twitter Targets

If you’re looking for ways to hit your Twitter targets, this is the post for you. First of all, you should ask yourself, what are your Twitter targets? You want lots of followers? Sure, that might lead to some bragging rights, but what’s the point? Really what you’re after is community which translates into meaningful followers. How do you get meaningful followers?

I queried some other successful Twitter-ites to learn about their favorite Twitter Tips. Here’s some ideas to take your Twitter Page from Topsy-Turvy to Titillating! (more…)