Why We Love Twitter

A few months ago I asked my Twitter followers why they loved Twitter. This video is a compilation of their responses.

Welcome to TwiTip

Lately I’ve been discovering the power of Twitter in new and fresh ways (at least they are new and fresh to me).

I write about much of what I’m learning on ProBlogger but I think if I wrote everything that I wanted to write about Twitter over there it’d probably put a few of my readers off – after all ProBlogger is a blog about blogging.

So – I’ve decided to start TwiTip – a place where I can focus upon Twitter without worrying (too much) about coming off as obsessed!

Want to learn more? I’ve shared a few more thoughts on my story and what I want to achieve with TwitTip on my About TwitTip page.

Other than that – you know as much as I do. Keep in mind that this blog is all very new. I’m using the Thesis theme (which is amazing – but which will take me a while to get just right) and still doing lots of ‘tweaking’. It’ll probably also take me a few weeks to get into full swing of publishing. I’m not intending this to be a daily publishing blog (at least not in the short term) – so subscribe to my feed but don’t expect to be inundated with new posts multiple times a day!