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Planning A Tweetup

If you plan a Tweetup – whether its small or a larger weekend workshop – Twitter can help.

You can use Twitter to find speakers, locations, equipment, get discounts and drive the attention you need.

Tweetups are a great way to provide a great Social Media Experience in your local area, and at the same time share this experience with the Twitter community.

For every Social Media Experience I provide, I create what I call a Social Media Toolbox. One great tool I use now to manage my tasks is Remember The Milk.

Here is my Tweetup Social Media Toolbox:

Create your Tweetup outposts

Primarily you want to organize your Tweetups around Twitter. But you need to set up various outposts to make it as successful as possible. One of the real benefits of a Tweetup is the ability to network person to person with authorities in your local area, and with keynote speakers you have been able to attract to the Tweetup.

Make a landing page for your Tweetup. Your landing page can be a blog, website or event site. Eventbrite and Twitvite is just two examples of Event sites you can utilize. One tip also is to utilize Facebook Events.

Here you want have the sign up form; record any offers of help; and generate interest. You also want to use your landing page as an outpost after the event where you provide pictures and information from the event.

Create your Tweetup #hashtag

The most efficient way to get out the information during the event is provide a #hashtag that defines the event. Make sure this a unique #hashtag. Check out and Twitter Search.

Also provide this #hashtag on your landing page. When you are ready to start the Tweetup, then make sure to invite everyone to follow and participate in the discussion through Tweetchat. You can also provide instructions for how to create a search column for your #hashtag on some of the popular clients like; TweetDeck, Seesmic or Hootsuite.

Create Tweetup alerts

Setting up Tweetup alerts is something that has to be done before the Tweetup. Use services like Google Alert or TweetBeep to send alerts to your email when either the #hashtag, event, event keywords, or the blog for event is mentioned.

Create Tweetup attention

One tip here is to create a Twitter List for your Tweetup. Here I recommend using the #hashtag for the event as name of the list. You want to add this list to you landing page. This so all attendees can follow start follow the list. If you have keynote speakers fro the event, then make sure they are follow on this list.

Have some tweets ready on your landing page that you request your attendees to send out after they filled out the sign up form.

Create a Who is Who

I use my task manager Remember The Milk to keep track of simple things like volunteers, who is coming, how many tweet lead up to event, how many tweets during event, sponsors… etc.. There is also options that will allow you to send notice to your cell phone for some minor charges.

Tweetups is a great way to network and meet others that are using some of the same tools as you to get their blog or business noticed on various Social Media Channels. Some off the best relations can be built on a offline Social Media Event.

I gave you my Tweetup Social Media Toolbox here..

What about you? Have you created your Tweetup Social Media Toolbox?


  • March 3, 2010

    Thanks for sharing, you’ve put together some really great tips :-)

  • March 4, 2010

    Thanks Paul.

    There are so many great and helpful tools available that will help you get the most out of a Tweetup.

    The message I primary bring to any that looking into starting a arrangement like a Tweetup is to have your Tweetup Social Media Toolbox in place. If you are well prepared chances are the event will turn out to be successful.

    And tracking the event is important. If something goes wrong, you have established alternatives that quickly can replace or fix the temporary issue.

    I will work on a follow up that brings out the real power of a Tweetup.

    Cheers.. Are

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