Review of Twitter Success Blueprint

tsb-banner222.jpgIn this post Jade Craven (@jadecraven) reviews Twitter Success Blueprint.

Before I interacted with Sarah on twitter, I was so jealous of her networking skills. She seemed to instinctively know what would connect with her twitter followers. She was doing awesome promotions, like selling follow Friday space on her forehead.

I was so excited when I heard she was writing Twitter Success Blueprint. She understands this space and has the knowledge to help individuals, and small business, avoid costly mistakes and attract clients.

The Twitter Success Blueprint consists of eight chapters and a bonus section.

The content:

The first two chapters cover the information you typically see in information products.

  • THE TRUTH ABOUT TWITTER - The KEY to using social media for business
  • BRANDING FOR SUCCESS - How to set up your Twitter page for business

She provided an awesome outline for understanding how twitter works for your business

  • Tweets build curiosity
  • You Build Relationships
  • Traffic flows to your website.

I can testify to this statement – but it has further benefit. Traffic will follow from your followers relationships as well. A key example is this review. Sarah, Darren Rowse and I all belong to a Melbourne twitter group called Tweetupmellers. Prior to the tweetup, I recommended that Darren publish a review of Sarahs ebook, and offered to do it. Obviously, this was accepted.

This shows how far you can reach on twitter. One of the key ways to draw traffic to your website is through other peoples relationships. I have a core group of followers who I ask questions when I want specific information, such as sales page advice and new product releases. Targeting these people, the influencers, can get your content in front of a LOT more people. Twitter Success Blueprint will teach you how to do that.

The next two chapters contained some advanced tactics and really demonstrated how the Twitter Success Blueprint could be really useful for small business owners.

  • FOLLOW FRENZY- How to build a massive list of targeted followers
  • TWITTER FOR CORPORATE USE – How to leverage social media

In these chapters, she talks about the strategies she used to gain a lot of targeted followers.

However it is the chapter on corporate use that I can see having the most benefit. She gives tips on how corporations can engage their audience by being authentic and contributing back to the community. Many people on twitter are very wary of being sold too, so these chapters are a must read for success.

I have a couple of friends on twitter who are so overwhelmed. There is a fine line between promoting yourself and breaking the unspoken rules of twitter. That’s why the following two chapters were so useful:

  • TWEET SUCCESS – How to create tweets that attract attention
  • TWITTER ETIQUETTE – The social media rules of engagement

These two chapters will be really useful for the new users. I learned a lot from both chapters and I’ve been using twitter for a year!

Twitter etiquette is so important, because many users are quite ruthless with their unfollows. The success chapter focuses on writing tweets that your followers respond to. This includes adding personality, integrating twitter with other media and providing calls to action. I LOVED this chapter as it really focused on being tips on how to be useful and really connect with your community.

These tips were expanded on in the final two chapters:

  • CONNECTION STRATEGIES – Unique ways to engage your followers
  • MONETIZING YOUR TWEETS – Making money with Twitter

The section I found the most useful was how to make money with twitter. She discusses affiliate marketing, using twitter during a product launch and converting followers into leads.

These chapters are vital for anyone trying to make money from this service.

10 pages of bonus content

The bonus content wont be for every reader. It consists of:2 case studies as well as a Q&A with some members of her twitter community. I found it really fascinating, even if when couldn’t apply tips to my own situation.

Would I recommend it?

Definitely. I see so many businesses and individuals that are new to twitter and are accidentally alienating their followers by making very common faux pas. They are leaving money on the table when they could invest in their education and develop a strong twitter brand.

At $22, Twitter Success Blueprint is a bargain. There are many products out there that cost more but contain way less information.

Here’s to your twitter success.


  • July 29, 2009

    I would like to get a hold on this book based on your review… really would like to enhance my standings on Twitter. Thanks

  • July 29, 2009

    I bought it, not the least because I wanted to see the answer to the question I tweeted to Sarah when she put the call out for the Q&A section.

    Its a good read, very sensible and practical. If you have any objection to anything that looks like a “system” for Twitter you might not like it. I understand that, because most Twitter systems out there are scams, exploits, or spammy and pollute the Twitter stream for everyone else.

    Put those objections aside because Sarah puts forward a completely ethical system that you can use without offending everyone along the way.

  • July 29, 2009

    Nice work Jade. Recognising you as a really active member of the ProBlogger/Twitip community. I was thrilled to get my noggin on the sales page as a testimonal. @sarahprout is a marketing genius, love her work. All the best, Deano

  • July 31, 2009

    “TSB” sounds like a pretty good investment to grow your business through social networking. I recently created a new Twitter account specifically for my blog and was amazed at the immediate growth versus the time it took to build up my personal twitter following. This will be considered a business investment purchase, since I foresee growth due to its contents. Thanks Darren!

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