Review: Twicli – Twitter Photos Improved

by Yohay Elam of Forex Crunch. Follow him @forexcrunch

Twicli is another service for posting photos to Twitter, yet it stands out from the rest with a set of very useful features.

Twicli is provided by Picli, a photo sharing site based on users’ votes, or “Photo-Digg” if you wish. Picli has adapted itself to the Twitter era with Twicli. They harness the features of a photo sharing site in a nice way.


How do I use it?

In order to start using Twicli, you first need to authorize it with Twitter. If you’re already signed into Twitter, then you only need to allow Twicli to access your Twitter account. Otherwise, you’ll need to sign in.

Afterwards, Twicli offers to synchronize your background image to the background image on Twitter. If branding is important to you, this is a feature you’ll appreciate.

Now that we’re in, we can start uploading photos. Twicli offers uploading of photos via the web and posting them on Twitter. You can also upload a set of photos. This way, the photos will be bundled in one URL that can be posted to Twitter. By using the set feature, you avoid flooding your Twitter timeline with too many tweets.

The more interesting option is uploading pictures via your mobile phone. Twicli allocates a special email address for this use. After taking a picture on your mobile phone, you simply send it via email. The picture is uploaded and gets a short URL. The picture’s URL is posted to Twitter together with the subject line of the letter.

Users of Twitpic or other Photo-Twitter services may ask themselves: what’s new here? Well, here come the advantages.

Twicli advantages

Apart from the option to upload a set of photos, Twicli allows publishing the photos in different sizes. This is a benefit taken from Picli, and very familiar to users of Flickr. The different photo sizes make it easy to find the right image for to embedding in a blog.

Another cool feature is the tags: Picli extracts the words from the subject line and turns most of them into tags. Using tags, we can easily find similar pictures. This is also used in the homepage – popular tags are highlighted there.

Maybe the best feature of Twicli are the comments: other Twitter users can comment on the photos, and the comments are posted back to Twitter. This tight integration empowers Twicli. This way, you can get to know other peole through the photos.


Twicli photo page – click to enlarge

Twicli also has an option to upload videos, but I haven’t tested it.

Twicli shortcomings

Twicli has a few minor usability issues. The file name of the photo is used for the title in the image page and also as a tag. The vast majority of people who take pictures with mobile phones don’t change the default file name. In my case, it’s just a long meaningless number.

Twicli offers a short URL as well as a permanent URL. I find it unnecessary, and even confusing.

The last shortcoming is the lackof an editing option. I would like to have the option to edit the title and the tags of my photos.

Twicli is still in beta, so I find these shortcomings minor in comparison to the advantages.

Out of all the photo services for Twitter, I find Twicli to be the best. Enjoy!


  • June 10, 2009

    great review.
    my only problem is with the mobile upload,
    since i’m using Gravity to update my twits, it has a built-in integration with
    twitpic, postearous, and mobypic, it is the best way to upload pictures to appear in twitter stream.

  • June 10, 2009

    Thanks for sharing. Its been 10 minutes since I started to upload photos and its still not completed. I will restart again and maybe only try it it with 1 or 2 photos and not 10 to start!

  • June 12, 2009

    i just authorized twicli and uploaded two pictures, but it did not ask to sync my background and i cannot find a way to do it. other than that, so far we like it better than twitpic.

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