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Got a BlackBerry and want to use Twitter on it? In this post the staff at follow them at @bbgeeks test and compare the options for you.

If you have not heard about Twitter yet, you are missing out on one of the hottest social networking movements of the 2.0 era. Originally conceptualized as an in house messaging tool by the team at Odeo, the potential for mass adoption was quickly realized and the product was released to the public.

Just a couple short years later and Twitter has taken the internet by storm. Everyone, from those on the leading edge of technology to small business owners who are trying to reach a broader audience, have set up Twitter accounts and are now producing a stream of consciousness for anyone who may be inclined to follow them . . . 140 characters at a time.

Twitter Options for BlackBerry Owners

twitter-main.jpgWhen it comes to hammering out short bursts of text to get your message across, BlackBerry owners and enthusiasts are no stranger to the concept. We are are constantly tap tap tapping on our qwerty keyboards and sending these types of messages to every contact on our list. It is to the point for many of us where it is hard to hold a full conversation without pausing to send a quick note on messenger. In fact we even have a new medical condition that has been dubbed “BlackBerry Thumb” which is a result of our constant typing on the notoriously small keypad.

It should come as no surprise then that BlackBerry owners are some of the most prolific Tweeters out there. What can we say, we know a great application/service when we see one.

There are a number of different applications available for your BlackBerry that will allow you to interact with your Twitter account while on the go. These are applications developed by third party publishers who have identified that we need a straight forward interface that we can pull up and send our latest blurb from and then get back to business.

Two of the more popular Twitter applications available for the BlackBerry go by the names of TwitterBerry and Tiny Twitter. There are others but these two seem to have captured the majority of the BlackBerry markets attention and are currently providing their users with a solid base from which to broadcast their lives in granular detail.

Let’s take a look at each of these BlackBerry Twitter applications in a little more detail.


twitterberry1.jpgTwitterBerry is an easy to use application developed by a company named Orangatame Software. It is free to use and provides much of the same functionality you will find in the online Twitter user interface. One of the best features is that all the messages you send via TwitterBerry are sent using your BlackBerry data plan rather than using up expensive SMS messages.

Installation of the TwitterBerry application is quick and painless. Simply point your BlackBerry browser at and follow the on screen prompts until you are ready to start tweeting. Setting up TwitterBerry on my BlackBerry Bold took less than two minutes. I entered in my login and password and the application immediately imported my latest updates and those of my friends.

twitterberry2.jpgGetting around the application is also quite easy. With the latest update (0.8) TwitterBerry actually does most of the work for you. You don’t have to type in your friends names anymore, just highlight them in your list, hit the menu key and opt to send them either a reply or a direct message. TwitterBerry automatically fills in their names and leaves you the simple task of condensing your current thought into 140 characters.

Adding photos to your wonderfully crafted tweets is also something that you will quickly get used to now that TwitterBerry has integrated TwitPic into the application. Now all you as a BlackBerry owner has to do is snap a quick photo with your device (hopefully you have a camera), select that picture in your media file and choose “send with TwitterBerry” from the associated menu.

twitterberry3.jpgTwitterBerry has grown by leaps and bounds since it was first released. In it’s original incarnation there were a handful of navigational issues and some bugs that clearly needed sorting out. With the release of version 0.8 we see vast improvement in the form of more data being cached, the ability to reload timelines without opening and closing the program, and the time/data saving intelligence to only load tweets that have appeared since your last update. This last one is a life saver for anyone operating their BlackBerry in Canada with the slightly less than stellar data plans available.

TwitterBerry is compatible with the majority of BlackBerry devices available on the market today. If you are running anything higher than OS 4.0.2 you should be fine.

For a more in depth look at TwitterBerry take a look at the Complete Guide to TwitterBerry.

Tiny Twitter

tiny-twitter1.jpgTiny Twitter is the highly used alternative to TwitterBerry for BlackBerry users. It provides much of the same functionality as TwitterBerry with an equally easy to navigate interface. Just like TwitterBerry, Tiny Twitter uses your data plan to send your messages rather than dipping into your limited SMS pool.

Like it’s competition, Tiny Twitter was located and installed in just a few quick minutes onto my BlackBerry Bold with no issues at all. Once I logged into my account I was sending tweets to my friends in no time flat. Tiny Twitter did seem to take a little bit longer to fetch my friends timelines than I was used to with TwitterBerry.

tiny-twitter2.jpgOn the other hand, the scrolling marquee which contains my latest tweet at the bottom of the screen is a nice touch. Tiny Twitter also has quite a few options available for users who wish to customize their Twitter experience from their BlackBerry. These include: font settings, sync settings (auto-update every 4 min if you like), UI settings and more.

With all the added settings and options I found Tiny Twitter to be a little confusing to use and navigate. One aspect in particular I did appreciate though was that the tweets in a users timeline are displayed in full as opposed to being truncated with TwitterBerry and requiring an extra click to read the full text. Anything that helps reduce the number of clicks I need to make to access my information is a plus in my books.

tiny-twitter3.jpgThe one drawback I found with Tiny Twitter is that you do not have the ability to see replies from your contacts. This can be a deal breaker for those who only follow a small amount of people but have followers that number in the thousands. Also, on a perhaps unrelated note, Tiny Twitter would not for any reason connect and update my account when I tried operating it over the office WiFi network. This may be a setting I missed or something I have overlooked, but I had zero success with the WiFi / Tiny Twitter combination.

Tiny Twitter is developed by Kevin Cawley and promises to be accessible from any Java enabled device.

TwitterBerry vs Tiny Twitter


Who Wins The War?

With TwitterBerry providing a straight forward Twitter experience on the BlackBerry and Tiny Twitter providing a slightly more enhanced experience, deciding which one is better really comes down to preference.

Those who are used to the simplicity offered by TwitterBerry are bound to be slightly off put by the many options that they can customize with Tiny Twitter as well as the fact that there is no ability to get replies sent to their device. The fact that many options are buried within sub menus is also bound to be a negative in some peoples eyes.

Those who have used Tiny Twitter first will no doubt be unenthusiastic about losing control over their browsing/messaging experience once they transition over to TwitterBerry.

That being said there is nothing stopping you from downloading both of these great BlackBerry Twitter applications and giving them each a chance to be your main Twitter app. Go ahead give them a shot, put them head to head and take the first step down the long road of letting the world know what is happening in your life 140 characters at a time.

This artile was written by the staff at, a website that offers tips, reviews, guides, information, software and accessories for BlackBerry users. You can also follow @bbgeeks on Twitter.


  • December 1, 2008

    I love Twitterberry, it has been great so far and it is easy to use. If you have a lot of updates sometimes it can run slow but that is only minor.

  • December 1, 2008

    I’ve been using TwitterBerry too on my 8703. As Justin stated in a previous comment, it can run somewhat slow, even with a strong network connection, when things are really shakin’ and groovin’ on Twitter.

    On startup, it often takes an extreme amount of time to load the “friends timeline”. Putting aside my minor complaints, I’ve found TwitterBerry to work nicely!

  • December 1, 2008

    I love TwitterBerry – just wish they’d make an option to easily re-tweet (RT) posts as a menu option when viewing a friend’s tweet.

  • December 1, 2008

    Nice review on the 2 options for blackberry users to access twitter. Looks decent enough to make access more mainstream for blackberry fans.

    But I am an iPhone guy and recommend twittelator pro for the iPhone.

    Rodney Rumford

  • December 1, 2008

    Mark me down as a TwitterBerry fan. Simple and quick – very lite weight.

  • December 1, 2008

    Twitterberry works quite well, but I’m not able to upload my pics to Twitpic. The message “Uploading to Twitpic” remains forever on my screen until I decide to shut it down. Apart from this inconvenience, I’d say this app has everything a Twitter user could need.

  • December 1, 2008

    Thanks for the comparison. I’d heard of TinyTwitter but didn’t know anything about it.

    On my Blackberry, I have Twitterberry installed… but spend most of my Twittering with a THIRD APPLICATION called BlackBird. It’s a no-frill minimalist app with few features but when you want to send a message or see your replies without wasting your battery, it’s a godsend.

  • December 1, 2008

    I use Twitterberry. I wish there was a program that would allow blocking and retweeting, but for my money (hee hee) Twitterberry rocks.

  • December 2, 2008

    This is great and timely for me. I post all my tweets – 95% of them on my BB Curve, & it is a great device.

    I think I am going to take a chance with Twitterberry.

    Quick question: how do I remove it I do not find it to my liking? I am not too enthused by the thought or notion of the ‘extra’ click to display full tweets from others.

    On the other hand, the added picture functionality form twitpic sounds mighty interesting!

  • December 2, 2008

    Good post i really arent able to try it out am disapointed baout that but soon i will, i will be able to comentt on this and other pots.

  • December 2, 2008

    Can anyone of these work over Wifi?

  • December 2, 2008

    @michaelkpoh If you want to delete these apps from your BlackBerry just select the icon and hit the menu key. You will see delete as one of the available menu options. Poof it’s gone!

    @Bilal Jaffery TwitterBerry will work over a WiFi connection but I did have issues getting Tiny Twitter to connect. This may have been my network or it may be a lack of functionality with the app.

  • December 2, 2008

    I have both apps on my BB but tend to use Tiny Twitter the most – I just like it better :) but appreciated the chart, so I could compare the features and see if I was missing anything.

  • December 3, 2008

    I <3 twitterberry. @jaschroe is the developer, i was one of the very first beta testers if not the first. @jaschroe responds to what users want and has implemented a bunch of features I and others have requested.


  • December 4, 2008

    Nice post. I have used Twitterberry for quite some time and it is a great app. I did notice two errors on the chart. Twitterberry does have spell check and the ability to view individual contact’s timelines.

  • December 5, 2008

    I had an older Blackberry (now running an HTC, retired Blackberry went to older son), and the only app I could get to run is the minimalist app that @ariherzog mentioned, Blackbird. Now using PockeTwit on my WinMo device, it’s FAB!

  • December 28, 2008

    Try Twibble for a BlackBerry Twitter client, works GREAT and has features the others are missing.

  • December 29, 2008

    CampMaster, thanks for the heads-up on Twibble which I’m now testing…

  • February 22, 2009

    I think i go for the Twitterbery difficult to make a choice though

  • February 23, 2009

    I have downloaded Twitterberry for my 8110 pearl but it says i cant connect to Twitter! I have gone through all the connections to no avail! Any ideas people????

  • February 25, 2009

    @AJ try changing your internet settings to TCP – that is working for quite a few people who are having trouble connecting.



  • March 4, 2009

    BB 8310

    I have been using Twitterberry, but reluctantly because there is nothing better.
    TwitPic doesnt work on it.
    Its not possible to follow-back someone that just added you.
    Loading replies and DMs is very slow…almost unusable.
    Clicking to read entire message is stupid.

    Most of the time, using twitter through the browser is a better alternative. TwitPic via email is the only way to get pics out there.

    Someone do better!

  • March 9, 2009

    I have a Blackberry Bold and I use Twitterberry reluctantly. Twitterberry interacts with my bberry email causing spellcheck to fail. I continue to receive error messages that say app engine fail null.. etc. I’m about to give up. Any help?

  • March 11, 2009

    I use Twitterberry for my BB Bold, and I love it. However I cannot upload pictures. Like it says above, there should be an option to send to twitterberry, but I don’t have that option. Any help?

  • March 14, 2009

    Can either of these or another tool keep track of two Twitter ids? I have one for work and one for personal use.

  • March 17, 2009

    I am also having problems upload pictures on my twitterberry. It says “uploading picture” and it stays there forever and never uploads…

    Can someone please help mee..?

  • March 28, 2009

    I have to say that I have given up on both apps. I just get too frustrated. I tried TwitterBerry, but every time I tried to use it, it would freeze my Blackberry and I would have to take the battery out to restart my phone. I tried Tiny Twitter, but it would say “DNS Error” all the time and never update ANYTHING! Am I doing something wrong or is it just not meant to be?? Someone HELP!!

  • March 31, 2009

    there is a new app called Yatca, very nice and usefull for twitter lovers
    download here:

  • April 19, 2009

    I just tried to download TinyTwitter and I was successful at downloading. I tried to update however I kept receiving the “BAD DNS ADDRESS” and I wasn’t able to post tweets :(

    There’s also ubertwitter that’s just as amazing. The only problem with ubertwitter is that it drains your battery power because of the update interval. The longest is 30 minutes but it drained my battery (after just charging it) pretty quickly. I did hear, though, that if you “exit” from ubertwitter it shouldn’t update. but I didn’t want such a severe battery problem so I got rid of it.

  • April 29, 2009

    I use twitterberry on a blackberry storm and it is flawless. I have to tell it to update every once in a while and it lacks some functionality of regular twitter, but it works fine for posting tweets and viewing friends timeline.

  • May 6, 2009

    I am using at&t blackberry bold and twitterberry. It is so weird that I cannot upload any pictures to twitpic. I have selected the picture in my media file and choose “send with TwitterBerry” from the menu. It is stated “sending your image to Twitpic” for more than 10 minute. Is there anyone who knows what is the other method to send pictures from the phone to twitpic? Thank You.

  • May 21, 2009

    I had some of the same problems as everyone above, and have since deleted twitterberry and tinytwitter off my 8110 pearl. I think I’m going to try uber twitter now.
    TwitterBerry kept freezing with a spinning hourglass when I tried to update my friends list. Or else it would give me a crazy error. And I couldn’t send pictures.
    TinyTwitter would always ask if I wanted to follow @tinytwitter and if I chose not to, it would crash on me.

  • June 3, 2009

    Twitterberry works instantly, but have not gotten a pic taken with Blackberry Bold to show up on Twitter even though I “sent to Twitterberry” via twitpic as they describe…. any advice?

  • June 4, 2009

    It is nice to know that it wasn’t just my
    Blackberry Curve that was freezing up with Twitter berry.

  • June 15, 2009

    Hey, I would like to know how to upload pics from my blackberry onto my twitter page. I have already downloaded Twitterberry .9 and I dont see an option to upload pics on it. Please help. Thanks.


  • June 18, 2009

    check out tweetgenius or UberTwitter

  • June 18, 2009

    I started off with twitterberry and it is not a bad client. I did not have alot of issues with it freezing my bb storm. I was however turned on to Ubertwitter, which i think is better than twitterberry. I prefer this interface and you can access pretty much all functions from the menu button including RT, DM and replys.

  • July 18, 2009

    I love twitterbery! thank you!

  • July 22, 2009

    Hi Just downloaded twitterberry tried taking photo and am getting the following error:
    ERROR class null can anyone help ?

  • August 4, 2009

    I was getting a twitter icon and a number (new posts) on the main screen of my BB storm, but now I dont get them anymore. Anyone know why? I use twitterberry and occasionally go directly to the site and post through the browser.

  • August 9, 2009

    I use ubertwitter. It’s much better than twitterberry.

  • September 8, 2009

    I’ve got Twitterberry working fine on our Blackberry Curve (9000).

    Only glitch is with the media (APN) server that is used to upload photos to Twitter from the device. I find that, at least on our plan with Telstra, 3 out of 4 times you go to upload the photo you get “unable to open connection : Tunnel failed” error.

    Then you try again in another 30mins and the darned thing just works….

  • September 11, 2009

    I’ve just started using twitterberry on my bb storm, and it seems to work well, but I also can’t seem to upload pics. they get as far as twitpic, but don’t show up on my twitter feed. :(

  • September 13, 2009

    i installed twitterberry on my bb 8320 and i have all these problems with the phone saying the certificate is not trusted. the little dialogue box keeps popping up and makes life very difficult. it interrupts my flow of work and i wonder if there’s anything i can do to sort that out. i’d be glad of a response from anyone who has exprienced this or knows how i can sort this out.
    p.s i had to delete the application.

  • October 5, 2009

    I use UberTwitter on my blackberry it’s a great combination of the two mentioned in the article and works on WiFi!

  • October 8, 2009

    Hmm.. Nice review.. But not gna lie.. Ubertwitter for blackberry is by far the best I’ve seen ever for blackberry,

    I have a tour.. And you can check off everything on your checklist of what ubertwitter can do .. ;D

  • October 15, 2009

    Im sorry but I twitterberry sucks to me, it’s too slow with loading things, I prefer TinyTwitter but Im looking for a new app.Guess I’ll try ubertwitter

  • October 31, 2009

    I personally didn’t care for TwitterBerry. It would constantly freeze my Curve upon start-up. I haven’t tried TinyTwitter, but based on the comparison it looks like it would be worse than TwitterBerry. I would LOVE to try TwitterGenius, but I’m not willing to pay $7.99 without first getting to try it out.

    I’ve stuck with doing most of my handheld Tweets either through SMS or through Viigo. The only problem I have with Viigo is that when I post links to news articles (within the program) my friends with other devices cannot click on them from their handhelds.

    One other problem for those who want to try Viigo, is that since it’s still a beta version it tends to freeze occasionally, and I have to pull the battery. However, the overall ease of it to me is much better than my experiences with TwitterBerry. There is no functionality to upload pics to TwitPic, but I still find it easy enough to e-mail the pics. My favorite function of Viigo is being able to share links to articles with many of my political buddies.

    Thank you for the comparison of the two products you have provided. I look forward to other apps, like TweetDeck, when they have a platform for the BlackBerry.

  • November 4, 2009

    I tried almost all the twitter apps for BB and the best one is UberTwitter.

  • November 9, 2009

    The best? Without a doubt, Übertwitter. Faster, easier and with more applications.

  • December 3, 2009

    UberTwitter is about the be releasing an updated version with completely new interface, a little iphonish .. Check the leaked screen here –

    Check here for complete list of BlackBerry Twitter client apps –

  • December 14, 2009

    how do i twitter

  • January 8, 2010

    Sorry all but i use UberTwitter. Never had any problems at all and looks sweet. Although i’m sure it’s cause i’m used to it.

  • January 25, 2010
    raymond ramos jr

    First night to a fresh new start.

  • January 26, 2010
    Ishaan Dang

    I think ubertwitter is the best

  • January 27, 2010

    I’ve been using for a while and pretty cool when you are on blackberry. Just send anything with email, it’ll update your twitter status and optionally with a password. Give it a try

  • February 5, 2010

    Is ubertwitter for free or wil it ake money from me..?

  • March 24, 2010

    Any recommendations on a twitter app for a BB pearl that allows you to manage multiple accounts?

  • April 29, 2010

    does this app cost any extra on phone bill?

  • June 16, 2010

    I love Twitterberry, but it annoys me when i go onto Twitter and it says ‘web’. I don’t know because OpenBeak is just Twitterberry in disguise.

  • July 14, 2010

    OpenBeak (new Twitterberry I guess?) doesn’t allow TwitPic. Is there any other options for tweeting pics?

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