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Have you got a Twitter tip or tutorial that you’d like to share with other Twitter users?

If so – TwiTip is currently looking for guest authors whether they be one off or regular contributors. Use the form below to submit your post.

Please fill out the form completely. If you’d like to include any formatting, please write it inside your WordPress editor or in straight HTML and submit the HTML version. Otherwise you can submit plain text. If you’d like to include images in your post, please email them to lara (at) twitip [dot] com and include your full name and Twitter username in the email.

Please note: We do get a lot of posts from people wanting to write for TwiTip. We can’t use everyone’s posts but the more original your post is the more helpful it is to us to decide whether it will fit with TwiTip. Not every post will be accepted, but you will be notified either via email or via Twitter that it’s been published if it is accepted. Please don’t assume we’ve rejected your post unless we specifically say as much. Sometimes the queue can be several weeks full, and it may take time before your post is approved and published.

We’re particularly looking for helpful tips for new Twitter users, reviews of Twitter tools and services, ‘how to…’ type tutorials etc. The more practical and useful your post idea is the better.

Please also note that we also only publish new and original content – not articles that have been previously published elsewhere. Content posted on TwiTip may not be republished on another site in full.

Lastly – We get a lot of people wanting to write very general posts on ‘How to use Twitter’ or ‘6 ways to use Twitter effectively’. We do occasionally do run these types of posts but are not looking for any more of them and are more interested in more specific and deeper posts that go beyond the very basics.

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